"Joan of Arc" by Howard David Johnson

      Joan of Arc  1412-1431.(In French Jeanne d'Arc AKA  la Pucelle (the Maid). She was a mystic who lived a very public life during the Middle Ages, her high profile political presence and her visions and voices made her one of the most controversial people of her times. She was condemned in spite of her unflagging faithfulness as a Christian and was burned alive at the stake on trumped up charges of being a heretic by the Roman Church although it cannot be said that The University of Paris, one time favorite of the Popes, and at the time the most influential educational institution since Aristotle, had nothing to do with the martyrdom of Joan of Arc.

       Of course It was a death penalty for over a thousand years to be caught reading a Bible in vernacular or without a priest. Jesus Christ's blistering rebuke of the Harlot Church and commands for GOD's faithful to leave it in The Holy Bible, the Book of Revelation- chapters 2, 3, and especially Chapter 18 were covered up with deadly force. Ancient Roman taxation evolved into tithes and the Church's greed led to the Protestant Reformation (1517- 64 A.D.) which brought sweeping reforms to all the Christian Churches. St. Joan was canonized as a saint by the Roman Church in 1920 by Pope Benedict XV.

The Medieval Romans felt any criticism of the Catholic Church was an attack on GOD himself; the contumacious heretic could only be viewed as an agent of Satan, sent to undo the work of Christ; and any man or government that tolerated heresy was serving Lucifer.

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